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VoDo Band Performance:  Larry, Tonye, JB
VoDo Band Performance: Carol, Tonye, Eugene
Back Stage of Dance Production "Connected" in Austin: Tonye and Daughter China (Producer/Choreographer/Instructor)
Women of the Bible Play: Shondra, Monique, Tonye, Anyika
VoDo Band: Larry, Carol, Euqene, Dar, Tonye & JB
Tom & Tonye

Mexcio Trip

Thank you for my Lovely Flowers - Jazz Festival De Las Casas
MexicoMusicians, Tonye, Barbara and larry
Tonye, Larry, Teresa, Cafe Owners, Mali(the best meal in Mexico)
Teresa, Kamau, Tonye, Mali and larry - Breakfast in Mexico
Mexico - Jazz La Casa: Mali, Jose Luis, Clementina, Tonye
Jazz de las Casas - San Cristobal: Tonye, Kamau
Jazz de las Casas-San Cristobal: Barbara, Teresa, Tonye

MKE Band

MKE: Deize, David, JB, Mike, Kenny, Tonye, John
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