PAST: tonye made her world debut in the evening under cool October skies in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California. According to tonye's father, she came out practicing her vocal chops by crying continuously. Hoping to put an end to the crying, tonye's father and mother would take her for a ride in the Cab her father drove for a living. However, as soon as the motion of the ride ended and they returned home...tonye would start at the top of the tune, whaling into the wee hours of the morning. tonye spent most of her childhood growing up in Berkeley, California, yet her roots are firmly planted in the Creole traditions of New Orleans. The Creole side(her mother)brings the soul...the Jamaican side(her father)adds the spice. This combination of soul and spice is why tonye performs with spirit, heart and passion. tonye learned the meaning of lost and pain early in life. Her mother, at the young age of 34, made her transition, leaving tonye, her older sister and younger brother to be raised by their grandparents. It was during this time, as a way to escape the pain, that tonye started spending time singing in the attic using a stick for a microphone and boxes and dolls as her audience. All this singing made good when in Jr. High School, tonye helped to form a female vocal group called "The Chimes". Later on in High School, she performed as a Solo Act. She also worked the "Chittlin Circuit" - opening for acts like "Jackie Lee" - "The Duck" and Herb from "Peaches and Herb". Upon graduating from High School, tonye received a scholarship for her acting and musical talents and was given the opportunity to be one of the first to participate in the Young Musicians Program at the University of California, Berkeley. tonye has had the opportunity to perform with many great musicians. Kamau Sietu, Bob Edwards and Yancie Taylor were among the first to provide tonye with an opportunity to perform Jazz. After being on the scene for a short time, Charles Hunter, Ralph Byrd, Richard Harris, Barbara Hunter, Herbie Mims and Virgil Rucker became a part of the circle of those who hired her to perform. tonye will be forever grateful to each of them. Two HOT Bands that tonye worked with in the beginning, prior to performing Jazz, were “Most Wanted” and “Mighty Kin Explosion” (MKE). Both Bands performed primarily original tunes. When they did perform a copy tune you could be sure that it would be laced with originality. It was with these two Bands that tonye learned about stage presence and performing. These Bands were like family to tonye and tonye remains friends and close with a number of the Band members to this day. Some of the Band members in “Most Wanted” were Gary Bolden (Bass), Al Sandford (Percussions), Rico Wanzo (Guitar) and Durand Gist (Guitar). A few of the Band members in “MKE” were John Brown (Bass), Kenny Wayne (Organ/Piano), Allen Worblin (Harp) and David Hurl (Harp). All of the musicians named above are excellent powerhouse musicians and beautiful people. They each had an impact on tonye. Words alone do not express the love and appreciation that tonye feels for each of them. In June 2006 tonye went to Mexico with the Kamau Sietu Band, as the featured vocalist, performing at the San Christobal Jazz de la Casa Festival. In February 2007 tonye had a major role in a play by Randy Nelson "My Love Is Under New Management". In 2008 tonye released her first CD "I AM tonye SCOTT", thanks to James Gilyard and James R. Calloway. PRESENT: Currently living in Dallas, TX and missing her Calie people, yet growing and glowing. tonye is in the process of developing her second CD project "Miss Scott to You" which is also the title of one of the original songs featured. FUTURE: While tonye was singing at the 5th Amendment in Oakland, California one night, Pharaoh Saunders came through. That night he told tonye to "Keep doing what ya doing." Brother Pharaoh will probably never know how much those words meant to tonye and how those words have inspired her to keep going time and time again. tonye is grateful that Brother Pharaoh took the time to share those words because that is what tonye plans to do, only more of it and better. tonye's biggest desire is for a world where every man, woman and child will not be without the basic necessities. A world where peace and love rules. A world in which we all take responsibility for ourselves and for one another. It will be impossible for anyone to be left behind when we are all taking care of each other. "That is what I'm striving for - world love". Stay beautiful inside and you will glow outside.