Charles "Chuck" Hunter

This is a sad day. I just learned that Chuck made his transition. My heart hurts. Chuck was one of the first and few musicians in the Bay Area that saw fit to give me a chance. I learned a number of standards working with Chuck. We use to rehearse for hours - just learning tunes. He could make those keys dance and he knew all the great old standards. I have dozens of tapes of us rehearsing. Kamau hooked me up with Chuck and I met Ralph E. through Chuck...all three of these brothers helped me and I'm greatful for it. Well, Chuck, the last time we spoke - not that long ago - you told me what was going on. I thought you would be around for a little while longer - at least until I could see you again - I'm planning a trip to Cali end of this year...Yah willing - I was hoping we could do a gig together. I love you Chuck and I'm going to miss you. Thank you for everything from the music to the health tips..."I'll Be Seeing You".

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