Checking In

Hi Yall...yes...I said it Yall! Everything going ok. Still missing my Dad and brother Kamau. Looking forward to the future making music with Damu - getting some of my original tunes out there. Working on a book...slow but sho. I started tennis lessons..real slow..but fun. You know friendship is a responsibility however it should be based on love, trust and forgiveness. None of us are if you have a friend and you really love them...if they do something to hurt you...cause you know sometimes that happens...forgive them...that is if you really love them and know them and know that they would not do anything on purpose to cause your spirit harm. Life is too short for that - plus think what would you expect from them if the shoe was on the other foot. Ok yall pray for me I still have a lot of music in me and it is my goal to get it out of me and share it. I know that Father Yah will make the way. Much love. P.S. getting to know my Uncle Jessie - my Dad's brother the only elder left in my family that I have a connection ya family because one day they will be gone. T

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