This recorded live performance was with the Richland College Big Band. Hot piano solo on B&T Blues is Tom Colaw. Tom is a friend, great musician and beautiful person. I'm able to share this with you because of Tom - thank you Tom.

The first time I performed B&T Blues was with the Herbie Mims Big Band which was my first experience working with a Big Band. Grateful to Mr. Mims for the opportunity - thanks Herbie. When Mr. Mims gave me the chart all he said was make up some words. I was terrified because it was a song Mr. Fisher had written and I knew from being in rehearsal with Mr. Fisher that he was serious...excellent Trumpet player as well as task master. I did ok - I did not get kicked out.

When I moved to the Dallas area Mr. Fisher was kind enough to send me all the charts on B&T...not only is he an excellent musician...he is a beautiful person and I might add...handsome man. Not too many people would share their personal charts in this way. Thanks Frank. Special shot out to William Mitchell another big band member – excellent trumpet player, friend (also handsome) who shared his musical knowledge with me and helped me get through my first big band experience. Thanks Superman.

I love all the musicians who were in Herbie's Big Band for the kindness and patience they showed me during this learning period. They are all excellent musicians and I did learn a lot from them and I'm grateful – plus we had a lot of fun. Thanks Yall - love and miss ya.